The Association For Child Education-The Gambia



We are scolars from the urban Gambia and are ready to play exciting, educational and FUN games. We think we're up for a challenge. Are you?

We would like to compete with kids all over the world and make our families proud.




1.Studies show that education - particularly girls' education - is one of the smartest investments you can make in the world's poorest countries.

2. Children who go to school are healthier, more self-assured and can more easily assume a profession. And education is the only effective "vaccine" against HIV/AIDS.


3. Continuation of schooling is now more likely as freely accessible courses from Top Universities become available. They can be used by anyone anywhere at any time for any purpose.


4. Africa is rising.. "We are not completely out of the past and into the future. More than anyone else, it will be young Africans who shape that future". Time, Dec 2012


  • To give the children a voice to create their own future
  • To provide the children a pronductive learning environment
  • To challenge the children with with educational alternatives to enhance their creativity
  • To promote intergenerational participation and prevent transmission of poverty..read how


February2013-22nd International Children’s Painting Competition UNEP


The organizers invited children all over the world to submit their paintings with the theme “Water: The Source of Life” Announcement of winners:

(1) 22 April, 2013 (Regional winners)..still to be anounced.

(2) 5 June 2013 (Global winners)


Golden Baobab prizes for african children's literature-submission deadline July 13, 2013


To any child interested we say: Just do it!

& good luck. Please follow this link..



Fake drugs kill


The illegal trade in counterfeit malaria drugs has become so bad that for Africa as a whole it is estimated that one-third of all malaria drugs sold are fake or substandard. In parts of Africa as much as 80% of the malaria medicines traded have no active ingredient or too little, thereby fueling the emergence of drug resistance to some of the best drugs we still have (notably the artemisinins). Please support the campaign 'Fake drugs kill' by signing the petition on the website. Do it now. Visit www.fakedrugskill.org and sign the Juma petition





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